Having Heart

Over the past few months, Rainey (8) has noticed many people in our community asking for help. She reads every sign and then begs her mother to please help them. When her mother asks her, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, she responds with, “I want to be a worker to help the homeless”. After this response and watching her cry every time she sees someone that needs help, her mother told her that she might be able to help the homeless right now, without waiting to grow up. Excitedly, she asked, “How could I do that, now?” Her mother explained to her that she would have to work for money by selling something that other people might want to buy.

The money she raised would all go to helping the homeless. She loved this idea, and after brainstorming items that they could sell, they landed on an item that Rainey and her friends love to play with – a homemade orbeez squishy ball. They ordered supplies and Rainey worked every night for a week to make roughly 140 squishy balls. Luckily, a family member had a neighborhood yard sale, where she presented and sold her squishy orbeez balls. She set up shop and sold $290 worth of her product and extra donations were given to her cause. All of her proceeds have been used to buy food and water to help the homeless.

Pulling Together as a Community

Roughly two months ago, Vicki Carr had the handicap lift stolen off of her car. This was essential for her overall transportation to receive food here at Feed My People. Board member, Joe Richardson saw this as an urgent need and got to work. He was able to secure a donation for a handicap lift with one of our community partners. Feed My People was able to connect with another partner to get the lift installed for a discounted price. Thanks to God’s will and our amazing communtiy, we were able to get this lift installed for Vicki.

How can You Help?

How can You Help?

Give Food

Donate food items to aid community hunger relief.

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Give Household Items

Provide essential household goods for those in need

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Lend your time and skills to empower our community.

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Make a financial contribution to support our programs.

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Let's help the helpless. Let's make the world better together.